<!-- TITLE: Glacidus --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Glacidus --> <img src="https://i.imgur.com/DCDHCSg.png"></img> **Glacidus** is a Minecraft mod created during Modoff 2: Reforged winning first place with continuous development. ## Summary We’re giving you Glacidus Beta, which is what we have created in a week during ModOff showing off the amount of hard work and effort we put into this. The mod is of course incomplete but that isn’t stopping us from entering. Whether we win or not, we wanted to show off a project that we’re very passionate about and that it’s goal is designed to be adventurous and immersive. Hopefully you become interested in what we truly to believe stunning in the future. Things are subject to change, keep in mind! Frozen world on top and underground lies a different story. A strange alien planet with bizarre structure and thought to be impossible living conditions for life. The further down you travel -- the warmer it gets. Foliage and water can be found along with natural elements the deeper you go. This planet was once in an orbit in a solar system however, it unfortunately fell out of orbit and is parting ways and traveling space. It’s atmosphere is very thin. The planet's core is what provides the undergrounds warmth and it is considered habitable. ** Disclaimer: below contains WIP and in development plans of future content. ## Layer 1 - The Surface <img width="800px" src="https://i.imgur.com/eHvAHAf.png"></img> The surface is the first thing you will see once you enter Glacidus. It’s surface is extremely cold and the gravity is low. The surface is supposed to be medium to high in difficulty and 2nd to the most dangerous of all the layers. On the surface you will soon be able to discover abandoned ruins that you can explore and find loot. Natural generation will include large dead trees, dead lumicia stalks. Frozen Antinatric Stone, and large bodies of Glacium. Wind ambient sound plays and loops on this layer. ## Layer 2 - The Underground <img width="800px" src="https://i.imgur.com/aIfQkeB.png"></img> Warmer than the surface. Dark, glowing, and vivid with life. Down here is the most habitable zone of the planet. You can find natural blocks such as, Lumicia, the name of all natural terrain grasses, dirt, and overgrowth such as mosses and vines. You can also find purple looking water down here. It’s color comes from its environment. Mobs are found down here and due to the living conditions for them, they are strange looking and aggressive-neutral and unstable -- meaning, they can turn hostile for any given moment or if you simply attack them they will attack you. A deeper more cave like wind sound will play and loop on this layer. ## Layer 3 - The Core <img width="800px" src="https://i.imgur.com/tqgk6zx.png"></img> Final layer will be the last and most difficult and challenging player will discover. Bright, hot and is dangerous, with many deadly hostile mobs. Going down here unprepared, the player will not make it very far. Once you enter, you will receive the Heat Exhaustion debuff if you don’t have the proper armor. Hostiles of the layer will target once they spot you. There will be safe zones, like cave openings, or even your own blocks, to shelter yourself. Wood, leaves, cloth, will immediately start to burn anywhere you place down here, water will evaporate, and glacium will turn into water, which evaporates. A raid will be found here. ## Portal Creation You will need exactly 30 packed ice blocks and 1 glowstone block. Once you are done building the portal smack that glowstone block. <img width="800px" src="https://i.imgur.com/MJzrOQR.png"></img>