Details of the config/Aether I.cfg file

# Configuration file

# Christmas Content will add the generation of Christmas trees and snow with presents randomly through the Aether dimension.

"aether world generation" {
    B:"Christmas Content"=false

# Some debugging stuff for developers.

"developer options" {
    B:"Enable extra logging for certain features"=false

# Adjust the maximum amount of life shards a player can use.

gameplay {
    I:"Max Life Shards"=10

# Setting this to true will disable the ability to lighting the portal with normal buckets.

misc {
    B:"Activate portal with only Skyroot bucket"=false

# Disable the yellow trivia text on loading screens at the bottom.

trivia {
    B:"Disable random trivia"=false

# Configure the IDs for the biome and dimension in case of installation of other mods that may have conflicting IDs

"world identification" {
    I:"Aether Biome ID"=127
    I:"Aether Dimension ID"=4