Venom Spider

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Venom Spider

The Venom Spider is a mob in the Blue Skies mod.


The Venom Spider is very similar to the Spider. It walks around idly, waiting for a player to enter the area, and can walk up walls. It's attacking is different from that of the spider, when the player is out of reach, it spits Venom Spit, poisoning the player. If the player comes within 3 blocks of the spider, it will begin trying to melee the player, also poisoning them on touch. The Venom Spider is counted as an arthropod, making it weak to the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.


Venom Spiders can spawn anywhere in the Everdawn, during any kind of weather, including sandstorms, they are more likely to spawn.

Venom Spit

Venom Spit projectile

Venom Spit is a projectile that the Venom Spider shoots. It's model and texture are shared with the Llama Spit, but the Venom Spit is hard-coded to be green. it gives off the same particles as the Baneful Mushroom. The projectile causes poison on touch, identical to that of the Baneful Mushroom. The projectile also does damage, allowing you to be killed with it.