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AKA Jon Lachney
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I’m a 2.3 decade old ducky from L’Acadiane de Louisiane ⚜. Indigo is one of my favorite colors because you pick up a crayon you think is blue but it’s actually indigo.

I’ve been into Minecraft mods since 2013. I started managing servers and the community for the Aether II project. I eventually moved onto a modding team that I now manage called Modding Legacy. We’re just a small group of friends that does Minecraft modding as a hobby. We revive really old and abandoned projects by updating them to the latest versions of Minecraft for the community to enjoy once again and repolish them to fit the new texture style that 1.14+ has while staying faithful and original what the mod was. Our biggest revivals are The Farlanders, Good Night’s Sleep, Nethercraft and The Aether, (formerly known as Aether Legacy)