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I have a history with maintaining wikis and am moderately skilled regarding such. I used to be sysop/admins for Gamepedia's Starbound and Aether wikis. I left said Aether wiki in favor of giving adminship to another user to cover me being absent but am likely deciding to not return to that wiki due to having distaste with that Fandom has bought Curse/Gamepedia from Twitch. I am largely responsible here for helping to setup this wiki's need for templates and will help out in documentation in the coming months.

I'm a 28 year old and just call me a person with a fair bit of knowledge regarding game design, game development and to a lesser extent, Forge and Java. I have written my own mods before (listed below) but am intermediate-level skill at best.

I enjoy video games and computer science. I'm fairly experienced with building computers and currently run a Ryzen 5-based build. I occasionally dabble in game development as noted. I am actually working on my first commercial game development project, an action-RPG/Zelda-like gamekit and template made in Construct 2 (and thus HTML5/JS).

My Mods


A mod based on the game Spelunky. Currently am porting it to +1.14 and plan to add Spelunky 2-related content to it.

Beware The Dark

A mod based on the game Don't Starve, including content from the base game, Reign of Giants and some from Don't Starve together. Next +1.14 port after Spelunkcraft.


A planned science-fiction mod. Intended to approach the subject of a science-fiction Minecraft mod more finesse/uniqueness, focusing on hard sci-fi (but still theoretically possible) and inspiration from No Man's Sky and also classic pulp sci-fi such as Clarke and Asimov. Currently in the production phases so you can see lore and plans here.