The Farlanders

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The Farlanders
Display The Farlanders.png
Authors Phygie, Silver_David, MCVinnyQ
Former Authors fabiulu
Latest Version 1.16.4-v1.3.8
Download CurseForge

The Farlanders is a mod originally created by fabiulu in 2014. The mod was left untouched for a while and stayed on Minecraft 1.7.10. Since then, Modding Legacy has acquired permission for the project and have continued it's development. Today, it's now available on the latest versions of Minecraft along with some content updates planned to finalize the project.

The mod expands on end creatures and adds a variety of new mobs and a new village to the game. You can trade, tame and even make enemies with these new occupants of the world.

Current Features

Structures & World-Gen

The mod includes 5 different Farlander homes, an Obsidian Spire structure, as well as some upcoming villages. In a coming update, a dimension called the Nightfall will be introduced.


The mod does not feature many blocks, but here's a list of the current ones.


A full list of the items in the mod can be found in the Farlanders items page.


There is many mobs in the mod, a full list of the mobs in the mod can be found in the Farlanders mobs page.

Authors & Credits

Fabiulu - Former Author & Creator

Bailey - Programmer

MCVinnyq - Texture Artist

Lachney - Sound Designer for upcoming 1.3 release

David - Programmer

Story & Lore

The story, or lore, written by Fabiulu.

"The Far Lands were the place where the Farlander species used to live but for a unknown reason these lands disappeared. Ancient books refer to this incident as the "work of God". Some say that this "God" created his own realm and moved what was the Far Lands to there. Also, this "God" is described as a colossal being with large horns and limbs.

Centuries have passed since the disappearance of the Far Lands and the Farlanders had to adapt. They stopped praising what they once considered their "God" and started their own path. Eventually they reached the lands of the Overworld and from that point the Farlanders started to evolve. New species were born, among them was the Enderman, the Ender Golem and the Enderminion.

The Farlanders realized that to survive they needed protection from the other species so they began to create their own shelters. They began to build small huts but after discovering new materials they expanded and villages were created.

The evolution continued and with the discovery of Endumium Crystal they started to trade goods with each other. It wasn't long until the start of the Rebellion era. Seeking to have more power the Farlanders began to rebel against each other. Those that had rebelled against their own kind were banished from their villages and were called Rebel Farlanders."