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The Summoner

The Summoner is the boss of the Everbright's Blinding Dungeon in the Blue Skies mod.


Without any players around, the Summoner functions like most other Illagers. If the Summoner was spawned in a dungeon, he will teleport around the dungeon room on any block tagged #blue_skies:illager_teleportable. They attack Villagers, and Iron Golems. If he has an attack target, and he is not spell-casting, he will teleport if either his target, or another player gets close enough to hit him, preventing you from doing so. He cannot be hit with extended reach weapons, and will not take more than 20 damage per hit.


The Summoner has multiple attacks, some changing, or only appearing depending on the phase he is in.

Fluctant Sphere

This projectile can hit surrounding enemies within about a block radius. If caught in front of it, you can get hit multiple times. It does not affect any of the Summoner's summons. The cool-down on this attack leaves just enough time to get about a single hit in.

Strange Lightning

If you get too close to the Summoner during the startup of the Fluctant Sphere attack, he will instead strike Strange Lightning around himself. It does armor-bypassing damage to all mobs around it, excluding the Summoner himself, and his Artificial Golems. When it strikes, it spawns Blue Fire, which provides levitation on contact.


During this attack, the Summoner will summon Artificial Golems. Depending on the amount of golems around, they will either be ranged, or melee based. This attack has plenty of startup, and end cool-down, leaving plenty of time to attack him during it.


Once the Summoner has reached his second phase, he will begin casting a spell to regenerate himself. There is plenty of time to hit him during this, however he will only do it if the player is farther away from him.


After making your way through the Everbright's Blinding Dungeon, you will be tasked with fighting this boss. There are a few things to keep in mind when fighting him.

Method 1

One way to fight the Summoner would be to first kill off the Ranged Artificial Golems at the start of the fight, and keep 3 of the melee ones around. This will prevent him from spawning more of them. This method is much slower, as you have to rely on the small opening he gives you when he fires off a Fluctant Sphere.

Method 2

Another way of fighting the Summoner would be to first kill off the ranged Artificial Golems, and try to kill only one melee one. This gives you time to attack him during both the cool-downs for the Fluctant Sphere, and the summoning. You then rinse and repeat, trying to keep only two melee Artificial Golems around the whole time.


  • The Summoner can actually join raids if manually spawned, despite never naturally appearing in one. He even has a celebration sound to go with it!
  • The Summoner is voiced by Bailey.
  • The Fluctant Sphere attack is actually inspired by the Magnet Sphere from Terraria.
  • If the Summoner is placed in a fight against the Wither, he will summon Nyctoflys to attack it.