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The Nyctofly is a hostile mob from the Blue Skies mod.


The Nyctofly flies around, avoiding bumping into blocks, similarly to the Ghast. The only sound they make idly is the buzzing they make as they fly. If a player, or Iron Golem, comes within 40 blocks of the mob, it will fly straight towards them. They are very susceptible to knockback, making it easy to not get hit by one. If the player is attacked by one of these insects, it will make a chomping sound as it hits them. The Nyctofly is counted as an arthropod, making them incredibly weak to the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.


Nyctoflys are an uncommon spawn in the Shaded Woodlands biome. The spawn-rate of the Nyctofly is increased during any weather condition.



The Nyctofly was originally called "Nycto Bug"

The Nyctofly's appearance is based off of that of a dragonfly.