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Welcome to the Modding Legacy Wiki!

This wiki has documentation on all of our mods. This wiki is managed by specific people, so if you do find an issue, do not hesitate to join our Discord or post on the wiki noticeboard if it needs attention sooner.

If you need info on how to properly format pages, see this Formatting Guide.

What do we do?

We are a small group of friends that does Minecraft modding as a hobby since 2016. We have revived old and abandoned mods to the latest versions of Minecraft most notable ones being The Aether by kingbdogz, Premium Wood, Nethercraft by scokeev9, Good Night’s Sleep by bob0productions/tippyfoo, The Farlanders by Fabiulu.

Other than mod ports, we create original mods for everyone to enjoy. We’re currently working on a huge dimension mod known as Blue Skies which adds two dimensions called the Everdawn and the Everbright along with lots of gameplay elements such as tons of new blocks, items, weapons, and dungeons to conquer!


Blue Skies, TNT Yeeter, Good Night's Sleep, Lava Monsters, Dash, Leap, No Nitwits, Ender Chested, Miner's Helmet, Lock and Key, Dungeons Plus, The Conjurer, Scuba Gear, Rediscovered, Premium Wood, Glacidus, Step, Fight Stick, Beta Days, Nethercraft, Structure Gel API, Surrounding Indicators, Blood Particles, Aether: Lost Content, Aether: Extra Moas, Moolands, Randomite Classic, Pagamos, The Farlanders

You can officially download our mods on the following websites:

Curseforge.png Planetminecraft.png

Who are we?

Troubleshooting and Questions

If you are having issues with our mods, please visit the troubleshooting page first. If you cannot find an answer to your problem please come and join our Discord server where we can further help you or submit an issue on the issue tracker.

Want to be an editor?

Please come into our Discord server and request to be an editor and then we can create you an account.