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The Lava Monsters mod banner.

Lava Monsters is a mod originally created by FatherToast. The mod adds a single mob, the Lava Monster. Modding Legacy obtained permission to the mod on January 16, 2020, and released an updated port of it on January 27, 2020.

The Mob

Info about the actual Lava Monster is on it's own page.

Configuring the Mod

The mod has multiple configuration options, they are all listed in detail as follows:

monsterHealth - The health of the Lava Monster, the default is 16.

monsterArmor - The armor value the Lava Monster has, default is 0.

attackCooldown - Ticks the Lava Monster must wait before it can start winding up again, the default is 80.

attackShots - The number of fireballs shot with each attack, the default is 3.

attackSpacing - The ticks between each fireball shot in an attack, the default is 6.

attackWindup - The ticks it takes before the Lava Monster can start an attack, the default is 60.

depthHazard - If true, the Lava Monster will not spawn above Y-16, the default is false.

flowingLava - If true, the Lava Monster will be able to spawn in lava blocks that are not source blocks, the default is false.

shallowLava- If true, the Lava Monster will be able to spawn in lava that is 1 block deep, the default is false.

spawnChance - The chance for a lava monster spawn attempt to be successful, the default is 0.05.

spawnFrequency - The number of ticks before each lava monster spawn attempt, the default is 10.

dimensionWhitelist - Allows you to pick which dimensions the Lava Monster will spawn in. By default, this includes the Overworld, The Nether, and the Good Night's Sleep mod Nightmare dimension.

Authors & Credits

FatherToast - Original Creator

Bailey - Programmer


Jonathing - Contributing code to fix a bug.


Español (Mexico) - Vamacheron

Français (Canada) - Lachney

Français (France) - Lachney

日本語 - Vamacheron

Русский - PinkGoose

Svenska - 1019milo