Good Night's Sleep

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The original Good Night's Sleep logo.

Good Night's Sleep is a mod originally created by tippyfoo. It was initially released on September 20, 2012 on Minecraft Forum on Minecraft 1.4.7, and was originally abandoned on 1.6.4. Modding Legacy obtained permission to the project on January 21, 2019, and released a port on March 10 of the same year. The mod has two dimensions, a dream dimension, and a nightmare dimension.

How to Play

To start off, you must find Hope and Despair Mushrooms. Both of these mushrooms spawn underground rarely, or much more commonly, in The Nether. Both of these can be used to craft a Strange Bed, which will teleport you to one of the dimensions at random. After a set period of time, you will "wake up" at the bed where you started. This time is about 20 minutes. A good visual indicator is when the sun sets in the Dream, or the sun rises in the Nightmare. If you die inside either dimension, you will also re-spawn at your bed.

Current Features


The mod includes 2 dimensions, the Dream, and the Nightmare. Both dimensions have their own blocks, biomes, mobs, and unique ores. More in depth info can be found on their respective dimension pages.


A full list of the blocks in the mod can be found in the Good Night's Sleep blocks page.


A full list of the items in the mod can be found in the Good Night's Sleep items page.


A full list of the mobs in the mod can be found in the Good Night's Sleep mobs page.

Authors & Credits

tippfoo - Former Author & Creator

Bailey - Programmer

MCVinnyq - Texture Artist