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The Everdawn dimension

The Everdawn is one of the two dimensions in the Blue Skies mod. Like vanilla dimensions, the Everdawn generates infinitely. Everdawn Portals are used to access this dimension.

The Everdawn dimension is darker and warmer than its Everbright counterpart, with majorly temperate biomes.


The Everdawn has never-ending twilight and many biomes further obscure visibility with rain or sandstorms in the case of Crystal Dunes.


The Everdawn has the following biomes: Crystal Dunes, Maple Forest, Unorthodox Valley and Rising Creek.


The Everdawn has Tomatoes, Blaze Buds and Baneful Mushrooms, which inflict a poison-effect on contact.


The Everdawn has the Cave Spider, Cosmic Fox, Charscale Moki, Crystal Camel, Firefly, Nyctofly, Roving Beetle, Shade Monitor and one fauna-based boss mob that is the Arachnarch in the Poison Dungeon.


Like the Everbright, the Everdawn has two major structures, those being the Blinding Dungeon and its boss, the Alchemist, as well as the exclusive Poison Dungeon, with the Arachnarch boss.


Shields are one of item-types that the Everdawn focuses on while the Everbright uses spears.