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The Everbright dimension

The Everbright is one of the two dimensions in the Blue Skies mod. Like vanilla dimensions, the Everbright generates infinitely. Everbright Portals are used to access this dimension.

The Everbright dimension is lighter and colder than its Everdawn counterpart, with majorly snowy/cold biomes.


The Everbright has never-ending daylight and many biomes further obscure visibility with snow. Random chime sound-effects may play when it is snowing and thunder during storms will make the fog more dense.


The Everbright has the following biomes: Brightlands, Calming Skies, Frostbitten Forest, Midday Shores, Pale Swamplands and Slushland.


The Everbright has Corn.


The Everbright has the Azulfo, Crynocerous, Jelly Drifter, Snow Owl, Stardust Ram, Reindeer and Venom Spider.


Like the Everdawn, the Everbright has one major structure currently, the Blinding Dungeon and it's respective boss is the Summoner.


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The Everbright will have an exclusive smaller dungeon called the Nature Dungeon.


Spears are one of item-types that the Everbright focuses on while the Everdawn uses shields.