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The Blue Skies mod logo.

Blue Skies is a Modding Legacy original mod. It's base idea originally created back in late 2013. The mod adds two dimensions, the Everbright, a lighter, colder dimension, and the Everdawn, a darker, more humid and warm dimension. Since the mod's original creation, it has evolved into an entirely different project, only keeping the very base concept of the dimensions, as well as most of the block, and item names. It now features multiple bosses, and biomes, with more coming in the future.

The Beginning

The original version of Blue Skies was created on Minecraft 1.6.4. in 2013. It features 4 of the ores that currently exist, but under different names, all being named after the colors they were. Red, Blue, Green, and Purple Dust. (Now called Pyrope, Turquoise, Diopside, and Charoite respectively) This version also featured the Arcs, and Dungeon Stones. None of them had any use, and were not obtainable in survival.

Current Features

The current versions of the mod feature more ores, mobs, biomes, and structures than the original.


The mod includes 2 dimensions, the Everbright, and the Everdawn. Both dimensions have their own blocks, biomes, mobs, and unique ores. More info can be found on their respective dimension pages.


A full list of the blocks in the mod can be found in the Blue Skies blocks page.


A full list of the items in the mod can be found in the Blue Skies items page.


A full list of the mobs in the mod can be found in the Blue Skies mobs page.

Authors & Credits

Bailey - Programmer & Modeler

David - Texture Artist & Programmer

Lachney - Sound Designer

Vamacheron - Ideas & Translations


iNewHorizons - Contributing art assets in previous versions.

CipherZeroX - Contributing the original Stardust Ram model.

Jonathing - Contributing code in past, and current versions.

AndyPyr0 - Contributing art assets.

Voyed - Composing the music used in the records.


Vamacheron - Spanish 🇲🇽