Aether: Lost Content

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Lost Content logo.

Aether: Lost Content is an addon for the Aether Legacy mod. Originally, it was an "official" addon, before Gilded Games re-obtained the Aether Legacy mod.

This mod features content that was concepted, planned, or removed from Aether I, and Aether Legacy itself. The main piece of content in the mod is the Platinum Dungeon.

Current Features

The mod features lots of items, mostly dungeon loot from the Platinum Dungeon, along with a new boss, and blocks to go with it.

World Generation

The mod includes one structure, the Platinum Dungeon. This is the main source of content from the mod. It also forces Pink Aerclouds to generate.




Authors & Credits

Bailey - Programmer & Builder

Jorge - Modeler & Builder

Lachney - Graphic Designer


Jesterguy - Helping build the Platinum Dungeon.

Raptor - Contributing code.