Aerwhale King

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The Aerwhale King

The Aerwhale King is a boss from the Aether: Lost Content add-on. It bears much resemblance to the Aerwhale, but is much larger. It has animated fins, and a crown.


The Aerwhale King idly flies around the Platinum Dungeon, in a circle. It may be provoked with any physical attack, however this is not recommended.

Any player that steps on a Songstone within 30 blocks of the Aerwhale King, will trigger the attack cycle. If it's attack target leaves the top of the tower, the Aerwhale King will reset.

He is able to pass through any blocks, and is not affected by them. This does not include the dungeon itself.



The Aerwhale King will charge at it's attack target, knocking them away when hit. If this attack misses, the Aerwhale King will be stunned for 60 in-game ticks, or 3 seconds. The damage delt by this attack entirely bypasses armor.


When the Aerwhale King becomes stunned, he will spawn Whirlwinds. If he is below half health, the whirlwinds will be their darker variant. These whirlwinds will not spawn items, nor creepers.


The Aerwhale King's goal is to knock you off of the tower. If you use any anti-fall damage armor, such as Gravitite armor, or Sentry Boots, you will not be affected by the fall damage.